Sobre Tesla Browser

ROSTPAY is a modern software development team with great experience in IT. We work on the Internet every day and we know how important comfort and speed are.

To make Internet surfing as convenient and fast as possible, we have created Tesla Browser - a very fast and highly optimized browser based on the world's most popular Chromium engine. We tried to make the browser as for ourselves - only with the most important features and maximum speed.

Tesla Browser is a fast, safe and simple internet browser for the modern user and comfortable web surfing.

Tesla Browser runs on the world's best Chromium engine, sp it provides high reliability and all the necessary features:
  • fast

    High speed. Quickly open tabs, play music and movies, multitask.

  • safe

    Security. Your confidential data is protected by special algorithms and mechanisms. Social media, mail and payment data are protected by world standards.

  • easy

    Simplicity and comfort. The browser interface is not oversaturated with tabs, buttons and other information - everything is really simple and understandable even for a beginning user.

  • pass-manager

    The built-in password manager provides reliable protection of personal data. Also fast and convenient authorization on sites. Passwords in the Tesla Browser are end-to-end encrypted using RSA, AES-256, HKDF, and PBKDF2 technologies.

  • useful-search

    Quick change of search engines is available in Tesla Browser - searching for information becomes more convenient and multitasking.